Do I need protein shake? What protein shake is best to buy. A beginners guide to protein powders. Strongestme blog – updated

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In the 21st century most of us have asked ourselves the question:”Do I need protein shake?” You often hear regular gym goers talking about their protein shakes and you might even see them consuming it during/after workout or even on the go. People new to the world of gyms and fitness in general might have many unanswered questions about protein shakes e.g.: What protein shake is best to buy? Type, brand etc… In this beginners guide to protein powders many of those questions will be answered and you can make a better decision whether it’s worth investing in.


How to find the best personal trainer for you! (a no BS, honest guide)

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In medias res!

Do you need a PT? Ye.. you think you do. But do you really?
If you think you do, make sure you find the best personal trainer for you to avoid wasting your hard earned money and free time. Here’s how:

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First of all just man (or woman) up, and see what you can do for yourself before asking (or paying) someone else for help. Basic fat loss and muscle gain goals can be achieved by some common sense, so if you think you have some, don’t waste your money just yet. I have a basic guide for beginners how to start your fitness journey which gives you very clear steps on how to get started, covering Akos’s 4 stages of getting fit including the topics of motivation, goal setting, nutrition and exercise. Exercise coming last. ( ) So if you are sorted on the first 3 points and you still think you need a PT then the below guide will show you exactly how to find the best personal trainer for you. (more…)

Healthy breakfast idea to boost performance and burn fat – healthy recipes, healthy eating, healthy snacks, detox diet how to lose weight

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Below I’ll share with you my number one Healthy breakfast idea!
As many people already know I am a big believer of high fat+protein and low carb diet. Through my own and client’s results this works all the time. However meat and veg breakfast is probably the best way to go, I understand that some people aren’t keen on eating steak (or other meat) or eggs for breakfast.
In this post I’ll share a quick, healthy breakfast idea tip on how to still get the required amounts of nutrients without at a heavy meaty breakfast. (more…)


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Ma láttam ezt a cikket, és automatikusan el keztem irni ezt a post-ot.. Mindenrol meg van a vélményem, de legtobbszor megtartom magamnak. Ugy erzem ezek a gondolatok lehet, hogy felébresztenek pár embert, uh megosztom veletek.



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Elliott Hulse – The wisest man you’ve never heard of

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To be able to become the strongest version of themselves one does not only needs determination, courage and to work hard but it’s essential to get some sort of guidance, whether a good example to follow, advice or knowledge. Even though I have a great coach to follow and learn from, he is not the only one inspiring me. I read and have read many books about health and fitness and also about philosophy, self development all of which add something to my personality and this way get me closer to the strongest me. However there is one man who I look up to and learn a lot from almost on a daily basis, even though we have never met. Let me introduce you to Elliott Hulse – The wisest man you’ve never heard of… (more…)