The fresh start is inside, not outside!

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The fresh start is inside, not outside!

I saw a Facebook post from a friend today, and from many friends in the past about moving away somewhere and having a fresh start. Having had this feeling myself and going through the process I have some experience of this situation and having studied some psychology related to this I felt the need to express my opinion to shed some light on this common issue, hoping that it might inspire and help someone.

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The mentioned Facebook post 🙂


What the hell is food intolerance and how to get rid of it.

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Why should you read this, you ask? Well, almost everyone has food intolerances which have various negative effects on our lives including symptoms such as nasal congestion, skin conditions, water retention, headaches,  itchiness, lethargy and a variety of other maladies.
Continue reading to determine what food intolerance you might have and find out how to get rid of it for a healthier, more energetic and happier life!food intolerance food allergy free pdf information how to ebook download nutritionist nutrition detox weight loss fat loss (more…)

Best gym equipment for a home gym! What is the minimum and best gym equipment you need to build your home gym?

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What is the best gym equipment for a home gym? or: What’s the minimum gym equipment one needs to get a good workout done? I’ve heard these questions from many clients, friends and strangers too.

I have done over 4000 hours of one to one personal training sessions. Whether my client was a skinny office worker who wanted to gain muscle, a mother who wanted to get rid of the baby-belly or a promising rugby player with the goal of getting stronger and more powerful on the field we used exactly the same tools to get the desired results.

In this article I’ll share with you what is the best gym equipment for a home gym. The minimum gym equipment to build a home gym is more simple and cheaper than you would think. When considering the price you need to remember that you will be using this gym equipment for years. If you follow my advice in this article I promise you will be motivated and proud to train in your new home gym and will get awesome results of your home workouts.

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Too many people have the wrong idea about how a home gym should look like.


Do I need protein shake? What protein shake is best to buy. A beginners guide to protein powders. Strongestme blog – updated

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In the 21st century most of us have asked ourselves the question:”Do I need protein shake?” You often hear regular gym goers talking about their protein shakes and you might even see them consuming it during/after workout or even on the go. People new to the world of gyms and fitness in general might have many unanswered questions about protein shakes e.g.: What protein shake is best to buy? Type, brand etc… In this beginners guide to protein powders many of those questions will be answered and you can make a better decision whether it’s worth investing in.


Back and Biceps killer – How to do inverted row home bodyweight exercise

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Been doing bicep curls (the wrong way) and pull downs (without using your back) for a while and not seeing much results? Not strong enough for pullups and can’t keep your back straight during bent over rows? I’ve got the perfect exercise for you to get started on building strong and aesthetic back and biceps while strengthening your glutes and core also!

As most of you might know I am a big believer in getting the basics perfect before moving onto weights, so here is a great (and simple) exercise which will help you working up to doing bent over rows and pullups easily (and correctly) in the future.
Have a look at my Youtube video where I explain and demonstrate how to (and how not to) do this exercise, the Inverted row correctly so you get the most out of your time invested at the gym. “How to do inverted row home bodyweight exercise bodybuilding.”

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P.S.: Should you have any thoughts or questions, you are more than welcome to comment. I love getting feedback, and if you like the blog, sharing would be much appreciated too. This article is based on my experience, not on science or professional advice. If only one person will find one useful tip within these sentences, it was worth it. Thank you for your time 🙂

how to do inverted row home bodyweight exercise

How to find the best personal trainer for you! (a no BS, honest guide)

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In medias res!

Do you need a PT? Ye.. you think you do. But do you really?
If you think you do, make sure you find the best personal trainer for you to avoid wasting your hard earned money and free time. Here’s how:

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First of all just man (or woman) up, and see what you can do for yourself before asking (or paying) someone else for help. Basic fat loss and muscle gain goals can be achieved by some common sense, so if you think you have some, don’t waste your money just yet. I have a basic guide for beginners how to start your fitness journey which gives you very clear steps on how to get started, covering Akos’s 4 stages of getting fit including the topics of motivation, goal setting, nutrition and exercise. Exercise coming last. ( ) So if you are sorted on the first 3 points and you still think you need a PT then the below guide will show you exactly how to find the best personal trainer for you. (more…)