What the hell is food intolerance and how to get rid of it.

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Why should you read this, you ask? Well, almost everyone has food intolerances which have various negative effects on our lives including symptoms such as nasal congestion, skin conditions, water retention, headaches,  itchiness, lethargy and a variety of other maladies.
Continue reading to determine what food intolerance you might have and find out how to get rid of it for a healthier, more energetic and happier life!food intolerance food allergy free pdf information how to ebook download nutritionist nutrition detox weight loss fat loss (more…)

Back and Biceps killer – How to do inverted row home bodyweight exercise

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Been doing bicep curls (the wrong way) and pull downs (without using your back) for a while and not seeing much results? Not strong enough for pullups and can’t keep your back straight during bent over rows? I’ve got the perfect exercise for you to get started on building strong and aesthetic back and biceps while strengthening your glutes and core also!

As most of you might know I am a big believer in getting the basics perfect before moving onto weights, so here is a great (and simple) exercise which will help you working up to doing bent over rows and pullups easily (and correctly) in the future.
Have a look at my Youtube video where I explain and demonstrate how to (and how not to) do this exercise, the Inverted row correctly so you get the most out of your time invested at the gym. “How to do inverted row home bodyweight exercise bodybuilding.”

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P.S.: Should you have any thoughts or questions, you are more than welcome to comment. I love getting feedback, and if you like the blog, sharing would be much appreciated too. This article is based on my experience, not on science or professional advice. If only one person will find one useful tip within these sentences, it was worth it. Thank you for your time 🙂

how to do inverted row home bodyweight exercise

How to always make the right decision

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If you never try you will never know strongestme-decision-making-akos-czentlaki-fitness-health-nutrition-life-long-learning-personal-training
If you never try you will never know

We make hundreds of decisions every day. What to eat? How to reply to an email? Which route to take to work? Which pair of socks to put on? It might be thousands or millions of decisions that we are making… forgive me for not counting them. Some of them are small, some of them can be life-changing. Some small ones can add up to be life-changing… In this article you are going to read about how to make the right decision hundred percent of the time. Sounds unreal right? I don’t think so. (more…)