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Quick daily stretching routine to change your life! For low back pain deep squatting stretches full body hip mobility workshop

This Quick daily stretching routine will not only eliminate low back pain but change your life! Quick daily stretching routine to change your life! For low back pain deep squatting stretches full body hip mobility workshop

I do believe everyone should stretch daily. Not only people with low back pain or other discomforts. Everyone! And no, I don’t meen you need to tie yourself in knots like yogis, no it should not take an hour, but it should move your whole body.

As humans we were designed to move in many different ways such as bending, twisting, squatting, jumping, lunging, throwing etc., however most of us these days only do sitting at work, sitting in the car to drive to work, some walking and standing in between only to get home and sit in front of the tv and go lie in bed. The lowest you have to squat is probably to the toilet. The body is very smart and whatever you practice it will become good at. So if you just sit all day it will be very good at sitting. It will tighten up the muscles which you need to maintain that position (hip flexors and lower back) and won’t use the muscles you don’t need (gluteals and abdominal muscles) which will become very weak or totally inactive. I guess you already see how much your risk of getting injured will increase due to this lifestyle. You can’t only get injured and suffer from low back pain if you decide to play a sport with your mates or kids or go to the gym, but even from simple things such as picking up things from the floor, slipping on the pavement turning your neck too quickly.

I am just as guilty as anyone. I didn’t always exercise with correct form, I didn’t stretch daily and I paid the price with low back pain and spine subluxation not mentioning the money I spent on the chiropractor to fix it. (Which was worth it btw, but you can prevent all that happening.) Even though I am a personal trainer, I do spend quite a lot of time at the computer either doing paperwork, working on blog posts and Youtube videos or ye just checking Facebook, like everyone else 🙂 As I am very much in sync with my body if I am getting tight I notice it really quickly and due to my profession I know exactly how to get rid of tightnesses and improve mobility by stretching or even self massage.

Unfortunately many people don’t even notice how limited their movement is until it’s too late and they have low back pain or neck pain or other injuries and even if they do they have no idea how to work on eliminating the tightness and improving the range of motion.

Exactly for this reason I decided to share my Quick daily stretching routine with you. It only takes 5-10 minutes and it really will change your life!
(Video is longer because I explain every movement, but stretching itself should be around 5 minutes)

This Quick daily stretching routine will loosen up your whole body. It mainly focuses on hip mobility which is the main cause of low back pain. Therefore  it helps to eliminate low back pain, it also includes deep squatting stretches to improve your squat and your movement in general even if you never go to a gym.

Have a look, do it every day for one week and drop me a comment whether you notice the difference or not.
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