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Deadlifts to make you feel alive?

Have you heard of deadlifts? If not, then you are missing out on a lot whether you are training for fat loss or muscle building. If you know what a deadlift is and you do it too, this article might give you some useful tips to make you lift more and with better form!
Why is it called a deadlift?
It is because you are lifting a dead weight, which means that you lift without momentum. In this case, off the ground. The opposite of this would be for example the bench press, when you don’t put the weight down, therefore you can use momentum. The deadlift is a powerlifting exercise, which is performed by lifting a loaded barbell off the ground, from a stabilized, bent over position. Here’s a demonstration by Craig Nicol. (Owner of CN Fitness)

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Craig demonstrating correct deadlift technique

Ye, all good but why should you do it?
When you start doing weight exercises, it can be challenging to do them correctly. Even if you know the theory, your muscles might not be able to support your body. Deadlifts work all major muscle groups responsible for correct posture. (hamstrings, glutes, lower back and core) Core strength is very important for maintaining balance, whether in sports or everyday life. It is especially useful for people with desk jobs. Have you ever felt, that you know that you should be sitting with a straight back but you are just unable to maintain that position? Well, deadlifts are the perfect cure. It is a fairly safe exercise, as you can’t get stuck under the weight if you lift too heavy. You can also use the technique and strength acquired by deadlifts in your daily life when lifting heavy things off the ground. How handy 😀 Performing this exercise requires the whole body to work, which provides all over muscle and strength gains. And we know that gaining muscle helps fat loss, and make you more toned 😉 Powerlifters use deadlifts to gain strength, so they go for very heavy weights and few reps. However if your goal is fat loss and you lift medium weights with more reps with enough intensity, due to being a whole body exercise, you burn a lot of calories and strengthen the cardio respiratory system too. (heart and lungs)
I hope those benefits will make you interested and convince you to include this exercise in your lower body routine. I highly recommend it. And besides all this, it makes you feel fckn unstoppable when you lift heavy weights! You’ll feel a lot better about yourself 😉

Have a look at this video, where Craig and I work on correcting my deadlift technique.

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This article is based on my experience, not on science or professional advice. If only one person will find one useful tip within these sentences, it was worth it.

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