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Detox diet that works! Lose weight and get healthy using REG-ENOR – how to detox

Detox diet that works! Lose weight and get healthy using REG-ENOR – how to detox

In my previous post I talked about the reason why people get overweight and ill and how to overcome it by detoxing. In this post you will read in detail about the diet that has to be maintained to get the desired results of detoxing and purifying your body and lose weight with REG-ENOR.

As mentioned in the previous post, to support your body in getting rid of toxins we need to make sure to:
1.Consume foods in which the fungus does not proliferate.
2.Such foods must be consumed which do not ferment (Avoid any form of sugar, including fruits), because on the effect of the sugar the fungi produce toxins that paralyse the nervous system of the intestinal wall, stopping the peristalsis, start proliferating and form gases by decomposing the food which leads to distension.

What exactly can and should you be eating you ask? 🙂 Read on:

Cook with fat (animal fat such as lard and goose fat), but not with lots of fat, so the fat-soluble vitamins are well absorbed. Use little fat to cooking.
Any kinds of meat can be prepared in every form (fried, cooked, breaded, braised).
Eggs can be also consumed and cooked in any way preferred.
You can eat bread (white bread, rye bread, standard bread or whole-meal bread), toasted, but not burnt. (If your goal is fat loss avoiding bread is advised)
Eat bacon, ham, sausage fried, cooked or raw.
You can prepare salads from any kind of vegetables with the juice of the original lemon, adding little salt and sweetener.
The foods may be moderately salted.
You can consume rice, maize, peas and beans.
Prepare soup, vegetable dishes only without milk, dairy product, sugar and fruit.
Avoid pasta, but you can consume pastas made of rice.
From fruits you can consume lemon, lime and yellow grapefruit without limit, but coconut and pomegranate is also allowed occasionally.
You can use sweeteners only to very little amount.
Drink a lot of liquid, water (mineral water, soda water, spring water, pi-water, well water, filtered water), tea only from natural ingredients.

Foods to avoid:
Cakes and bakery products
Sugar, sweets, honey
Vinegar or fermented pickles, with the exception of the beetroot salad
Milk, dairy products (kefir, yoghurt, cheese, butter, sour cream, etc.)
Fruits, fruit juices, compotes and soft drinks (with the exception of the aforementioned)
DO NOT CONSUME vegetable oil, margarine and oil-seeds in any form; in addition, avoid the vegetable fats such as nuts, avocados.

Daily dosage of REG-ENOR is 3×10 ml; for children below the age of 7 years 3×5 ml (3×1 teaspoonful). Take it in the morning on an empty stomach after awakening or 1 hour after the meal, at noon, and in the evening 1-1.5 hours after the meal.
The duration of the cure is at least 4 months; in serious cases 6-7 months (to the full recovery). All this will be successfully fulfilled, if the diet is observed. If you do not observe the diet, you will experience side effects: possibly biliary colic or nausea, headache. The REG-ENOR is not a medicine, but it is an important complement of our diet!

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