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reg-enor, detox, detox diet, fat loss, lose weight, weight loss, healthy, diet, teatox, juice, vegan, energy level, personal training, aberdeen, akos czentlaki, strongestme, The idea of detoxifying and purifying the body of harmful substances has been around for centuries and cycles back into popularity now and again.
At the beginning of every year I make an effort to eat clean and cut out all junk to feel more healthy and energetic after having eaten more sugar and drunk more alcohol in the month of December than I have in the whole year. I guess I’m not the only one.
I have read and heard of many detox diets but as I have a good knowledge of healthy eating I know that these don’t work so I usually just cut the crap and get on with it. Not putting any processed junk into your system through your moth is great, but is that detox? Does it encourage your body to get rid of already consumed toxins? Or is there something that can get your body clear itself out? Let’s find out 🙂

You must have heard of numerous ways of detoxifying and purifying your body and you must have been thinking which one works best… let me help you: 99% is bullshit.
Simple fact is that none of them are proven and many of them are really just nonsense. Most of them will make you more unhealthy by messing up hormone production due to extremely restricted calorie intake such as tea detoxes while also causing muscle tissue to break down along with blood-sugar problems and vitamin deficiencies. Others are probably making you more toxic by getting you drink processed shakes, and ones with lots of fruit/veg and plant based foods which avoid processed meals although stop you consuming crap but they don’t help you to get the toxins out which are already in your system. Also, detoxifying is a long process so if you hear of something taking a week or 3, again it’s BS!

Let’s talk about facts instead of useless money, time and health wasting diets. I’ll try to keep this simple and understandable, so keep reading 🙂

The reason for obesity or of the too thin state and almost all health problems (really!) is due to the defective function of the digestive system. If the digestive system does not work properly and our nutrition is not appropriate, then the organism can be saturated with poisonous substances, what may lead to fungal infection, Candidiasis as well. We consume such foods which are acidic, decompose, ferment (milk, dairy products, fruits, sweets). Also the various colouring agents are irritant substances; they also inhibit the adhesion of the noble flora on the intestinal wall and in the digestive canal.
It is a clinically proved fact that the replacement of the intestinal bacteria does not lead to success in case of fungal infection, because the fungi produce toxins and thereby they make the adhesion of the noble flora impossible.

Therefore, to detoxifying or purifying the body first of all we must stop the reproduction of fungi.
Here’s how:

1.Such foods must be eaten in which the fungus does not proliferate.
2.Such foods must be consumed which do not ferment (Avoid any form of sugar, including fruits), because on the effect of the sugar the fungi produce toxins that paralyse the nervous system of the intestinal wall, stopping the peristalsis, start proliferating and form gases by decomposing the food which leads to distension.
3.It is necessary to help the purification of the organism from the harmful substances and to remove the foreign substances from the inter-cellular substance which cause inflammation, ensuring the conditions for the reproduction of the fungi and bacteria.
4.We also need to strengthen the immune system.

There is a unique Hungarian invention called Reg-Enor which does the latter two. (In combination with the correct diet)

reg-enor, detox, detox diet, fat loss, lose weight, weight loss, healthy, diet, teatox, juice, vegan, energy level, personal training, aberdeen, akos czentlaki, strongestme,
Reg-Enor by Szigfrid Szabó

In case of the consumption of the REG-ENOR, it has been proven that the departure of the solid deposits can be detected already within one week. The urine becomes more colourful, turbid and includes sediments. How?
Reg-Enor is made up of special long chain amino acids in which the polypeptides positively help in the purification of the solid deposits from the inter-cellular substance. Which means basically that it starts your body to get rid of toxins. These toxins go through your liver, then it becomes bile in the gall-bladder and will be ready to leave your body. This is where the importance of the diet becomes apparent, as to keep the gall-bladder open and let the bile leave the body high quantities of animal fat has to be consumed and other foods which cause the gall bladder close have to be strictly avoided! If the gallbladder is not emptied, the secretion of the poisonous substances will stop and they will drift with the blood from the liver and be deposited in another place.
By taking Reg-Enor and eating the right foods the large quantity of bile destroys the fungi from the intestinal wall, because a large part of the bile is absorbed through the intestinal wall. The disappearance of the fungi from the intestinal wall is a long process, but it is possible, if the prescribed diet is observed. The bile acid is a fungicide number one in the intestinal tract and in the whole organism. If there is bile in a sufficient quantity, the fungi cannot proliferate. Without it all efforts will be in vain! By the appearance of the fungi also the complaints cease.

The problems, diseases arising from the deposits and from the lack of bile can be as follows: allergy, asthma, arthritis, inter-vertebral disc problems, connective tissue weakness, arteriosclerosis, rhythmic disturbance, infarct, high blood pressure, chronic inflammations (respiratory, urinary passage, small pelvic, gynaecological, ear-nose-throat), fungal changes, old-age diabetes, metabolic disturbances, states of depression, chronic exhaustion, depression or disturbances of memory, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, fever, rises in temperature of unknown origin, stone formation, gastric mucosa or intestinal mucosa inflammation possibly irritation, individual skin diseases (eczema, allergy, psoriasis), digestive disorders (diarrhoea, distension, constipation), gingival atrophy.

Yes Reg-Enor can cure all these! This is real detox 🙂

Fat loss is a great side effect of taking this supplement as most toxic substances are deposited in fat cells and improved energy levels and well-being.

This was just a brief introduction to what Reg-Enor is and how it works. I have taken it before and seen many people get healthy and lose weight with it. I will start taking it again tomorrow and will keep you updated on my progress and also give you more information about the diet and other effects.


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