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FEEL FREE EVERY DAY! :) how to improve posture and mobility stretching for low back pain

When you think of freedom you picture something like this.
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You can feel free every day if you have good posture. Chest up, shoulders back, head up, healthy curve in the spine. In my experience as  personal trainer I found that 9 out of 10 people have some sort of muscular imbalance which forces them into bad posture often causing pain/discomfort. Similarly to that “statistic” 9 out of 10 people have no idea how to improve posture. Posture and mobility can easily improved by stretching. I should use simply rather than easily I think.
Daily stretching can release stress, strengthen the immune system, reduce/cure muscular pain and make you feel free and happy! 🙂 It opens up the chest which will allow you to breath better, and more oxygen means more energy, more clear thinking… the benefits are endless really 🙂

I often see people doing exercises with bad form not because they don’t know how it should be done, but because they simply can’t maintain the correct posture due to muscular imbalances. If you train with a bad posture you are more likely to do harm than good.
When I start working with a new client I always aim to balance their posture with corrective stretching and strengthening exercises which burn enough calories to kick start fat loss and also improves mobility a lot too to get ready to do more complex exercises with heavier weights safely.

If you have no idea how to do it simply go to youtube or find a yoga class near you 🙂
Here’s a stretching routine I use daily to mobilise all my joints, this routine should be great for inflexible people to start improving their posture and movement and also more than enough for fairly flexible people to maintain their range of motion.

I know you’ll say.. I don’t have time.. don’t know how.. blablaaaa..
But I invite you to at least give it a try for 2-3 days do 5-10 minutes of stretching. I promise you will feel so much better that you will never want to stop. If you have a specific area to improve or a ache or pain you want to get rid of just go to youtube and search for daily stretching, or stretching related to your problem e.g.: stretching for lower back pain, stretching for rounded back etc..

Enjoy, and let me know how it goes 😉

Have a look at my previous post where I talk about another great way to feel more free and reduce muscular pain – foam rolling.

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