Caffeine Challenge!

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Which one are you? 🙂

We all have everyday addictions which have significant influence on our lives. However some foods/drinks can improve our health/well-being/productivity, consuming too much can become a harmful habit not only physiologically but psychologically too. Circa 2400 years ago Plato said: “The excessive increase of anything causes a reaction in the opposite direction.” In this post you will read about my attempt to have more control over my addiction and I’ll invite you to do the same. (more…)

“It’s okay to look back at your past. Just don’t stare.” Post1. 18.Jan.-10.Feb.2013

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In my previous posts I wrote about my past in fitness up till the summer of 2012. Since then I’ve been training on and off. I started my training diary in January 2013, so from then I know exactly how much and what was my routine like. In this article you’ll read about what splits I’ve tried and how I felt and you’ll also see some posing photos which I took to track my progress. 🙂 (more…)

How to always make the right decision

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If you never try you will never know strongestme-decision-making-akos-czentlaki-fitness-health-nutrition-life-long-learning-personal-training
If you never try you will never know

We make hundreds of decisions every day. What to eat? How to reply to an email? Which route to take to work? Which pair of socks to put on? It might be thousands or millions of decisions that we are making… forgive me for not counting them. Some of them are small, some of them can be life-changing. Some small ones can add up to be life-changing… In this article you are going to read about how to make the right decision hundred percent of the time. Sounds unreal right? I don’t think so. (more…)

“Study the past if you would define the future.”

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This quote from Confucius is very much related to fitness. Keeping a training diary can help progress a lot. Of course as a beginner I didn’t keep a diary, and even looked weird at guys with notebooks at the gym. Until I gave it a try. It not only helped me to avoid doing the same exercises over and over but also helped to keep moving forward, by trying to do more each week. This post will not be about gym diaries, but you will get a little insight to my past in fitness, so that you know where I’m coming from.

Discover the athlete

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Every piece of information on health and fitness I consider as a gem in my imaginary treasure box. I started going to the gym at the age of 16 and it took me 7 years to get to the point, where I was happy with my body. No. Not 7 years of training, but 7 years of life with all the ups and downs. To get the sixpack I was dreaming of took me 3 weeks. Which means, if I had the information at the age of 16, it still would’ve taken 3 weeks.  I made many mistakes on the way and I’ll tell you all about it, so you can prevent them happening to you. In this post you’ll read about the conclusion from 7 years of experience so that you can get closer to your fitness (or other) goals, in the shortest possible time. Here’s how: Akos’s 4 stages of getting fit. (more…)