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Stretching and breast feeding in one sentence? :)

9 our of 10 people I work with have some sort of mobility restriction. Stretching is just as big part of an exercise programme than movement itself. With restriction in movement performance is reduced by your central nervous system and injury will happen sooner or later.
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Stretching in public?

As much as people know that stretching is good, not many of us do it regularly enough. Usual excuse is no time, or being at a place where you can’t stretch. First of all, little stretching is better than none and I think stretching anywhere should be totally normal just as eating, drinking or breast-feeding. It’s all part of life.
Here’s a photo of me stretching at the Scottish Salsa congress, not caring what people think. I felt my body had some tightness, so I released it with stretching.
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Some people might think I am weird… well I personally feel sorry for those people who have no knowledge of their own bodies’ function and capabilities and live their life with a rounded back, sore neck and hips and not being able to squat or bend etc. that’s why I chose the profession I am in, to help these people.
That was quite a long rant trying to tell you to:
do your stretching! 🙂 no matter where or when. Just do it 😉
If people look weird, just smile at them, if they ask what the hell you are doing educate them. You never know, someone else who needs a stretch but didn’t have the confidence might even join in 🙂
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